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Schmersal products

KSA has been the official Schmersal distributor for operator and machine safety products since 1975

Product Highlights

PS series limit switches

  • They determine the location of moving parts in machinery
  • Protection of equipment moving laterally or rotationally
  • Safety Function
  • Secure & reliable location detection
  • Wide variety of component combinations

SRB-E Configurable safety relay

  • Width of each unit 22,5mm
  • Up to 24 connection points, 10 safety inputs & 5 safety outputs
  • Monitoring for each safety device (curtains, emergency stop, safety switches, etc.)
  • Safety level up to PL e /SIL 3
  • Configuration via rotary switch
  • Start/reset functions with monitoring
  • Expansion of inputs of up to 4 sensors up to PL e

Solenoid safety valve

  • Strong mechanical bolt, especially useful in heavy swinging doors
  • Suitable for enclosures or machine housings and for all standard 40mm wide aluminum profiles
  • Rotatable head with two insertion slots allowing various installation positions and actuation options
  • Space-saving slim design


General product introduction

Overview of the product ranges

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The Company

Founded in 1945 and based in Wuppertal, Germany, SCHMERSAL develops innovative technologies, with the most important being the manufacture of products for the field of operator and machine safety.

The range of SCHMERSAL products exceeds 18,000 codes, it has 7 production facilities in Germany, Brazil, India & China, 20 subsidiaries and employs over 1900 workers worldwide.

In Greece, the official product distributor for Schmersal is KSA Industrial Automation.

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