Save Your Hood

At KSA Industrial Automation, we prioritize our responsibility towards the environment, society, and future generations. We have an integrated strategic plan in place to ensure the development of a sustainable society.

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, more than 50 volunteers and their families participated in a voluntary cleaning action. This action aimed to support the efforts of the Panhellenic Volunteer Movement Save Your Hood.

In less than 45 minutes, the participating volunteers managed to collect the impressive volume of 4,600 liters of waste, which is equivalent to 4 neighborhood bins of mixed waste, in a unique action that took place in a particularly littered area, at the foot of Mount Parnitha.

The volunteers played a crucial role in the ongoing initiative to clean and showcase the natural beauty of the mountain. They were educated about the issue of pollution and the importance of reducing it by the coordinators of Save Your Hood. The volunteers were provided with the necessary equipment and were divided into groups for a more efficient collection process. Following the cleaning, there was a discussion about the findings and the ways we can continue to contribute to the protection of our environment daily.

This particular voluntary action not only contributed to raising awareness but also showcased the commitment and involvement of KSA’s human resources. It exemplified our company’s values and vision, promoting teamwork, cooperation, and a deep respect for the environment.