Selecting air-conditioning for electrical panels

In the summertime, the combination of intense heat and constant machine usage can lead to a significant increase in temperature inside the electrical panels of the factory. Consequently, this overheating affects the vulnerable components that are sensitive to high temperatures, including power supplies, inverters, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). As a consequence, these overheating issues have the potential to cause malfunctions or even halt production.

“Proper and efficient air conditioner cooling can significantly extend the life of installed equipment, save energy and costs as well as reduce production stoppages.”

Characteristics of RITTAL Blue E+S cooling units

• Average energy savings of 75%, thanks to Heat pipe technology
• Reduced CO2 footprint
• Use of R-513A refrigerant, which makes them more environmentally friendly
• Unique multi-voltage capability for wide use (single-phase and three-phase connection, 50/60Hz)
• Touch screen, so that settings can be made immediately and very easily
• Efficiency rating reaching EER 3.4 and SEER 8.1
• Operating temperature from -20°C to +60°C

Annual maintenance by qualified Rittal technicians, with a written warranty on parts and labor

Complete the contact form and we will contact you to assess your own air conditioning needs:

• Calculation of heat losses inside the panel

• Determination of the cooling performance (Watts) required for the correct air conditioning of the panel

• Proposal for alternative air conditioning units